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Time to shipment:

Update 3/22/24:

My thumb is healed well enough to begin production, albeit slightly slowly. I will be shipping orders as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

The best reeds for the best playing experience.

    High quality cane – tested with a Reeds n’ Stuff hardness tester to verify quality

    Hand-assembled and hand-tuned to fit the individual piece of cane

    Rich tone with excellent response and intonation control

    You will spend vastly less time adjusting and more time playing.

    Your Tiger Reed will last longer, play easier, sound better, and ultimately cost less.

    Read our Testimonials below.

     Tiger Reeds characteristics:

        Light reeds

        Respond immediately

        Play in tune

        Produce a complex tone - at home in both small and large ensembles

Finest Materials

Rigotti cane - bassoon

Loree cane - oboe

Handmade and hand adjusted

Hand adjusted to match each cane piece

Balanced response and tone

Easy tone production throughout range

Flexible, complex color

Comfortable pitch control 

Sound samples

Sound Waves

Oboe sound samples:

Performed by Zach Millwood

Sound Waves

Bassoon sound samples:

Performed by Zach Millwood

Ferling study #24
Handel Sonata mvt. I
Weissenborn study #15
Paganini "Perpetual Motion"
Dukas "Sorcerer's Apprentice"
Tansman Suite Mvt. II


Happiness is...

“Happiness is……..a new box of Tiger double reeds in your mailbox.” With a minimal break-in period and adjustment required, these carefully prepared reeds give me the confidence to sign on for a variety of ensemble opportunities. There’s sure to be one in the box for each type of ensemble. Remember - reed cane has a life cycle, so, to avoid a musician’s mood lapse,  I recommend putting in a new order while the current reeds are still performing well. Enjoy!

Image by Tarryn Myburgh

Well made & sound great

I love Tiger Reeds! They are always well made and sound great in all ranges. The customer service is outstanding and I am always recommending them to my friends.

-M.P., bassoon, Murfreesboro, TN

Image by Tarryn Myburgh

I'm extremely picky...

I have always been dissatisfied with factory-made reeds such as Jones and Emerald. Choosing between factory-made reeds was always a matter of picking which one was the least awful. Hand made reeds are DEFINITELY the way to go! I'm extremely picky about my reeds, and Tiger Reeds have met all my needs. Choosing between Zach's reeds is always a matter of trying not to buy every reed he has, narrowing it down from ten amazing reeds to five! I always recommend Tiger Reeds to all of my students and peers.

-Sarah Shackelford, bassoonist

Image by Tarryn Myburgh

We really like these reeds

Our students really like Zach Millwood's reeds.  They are able to produce good sound and have less problems with their reeds.

-David Rollins, Henderson State University, Director of Bands (Retired)

Image by Tarryn Myburgh

One-size-fits-all reed

Tiger Reeds are stable and clearly well made -- they really are perfect as a one-size-fits-all reed. I am in the unenviable position of being very picky but having absolutely no time to make reeds, so personalizing a quality reed made by someone else is the next best thing!

-Jen M.

Image by Tarryn Myburgh

Only buy Tiger Reeds!

Tiger Reeds are the best handmade reeds I have ever tried!  The sound the instrument gets when playing on one of these reeds is resonant and rich.  I will never buy a reed from anyone else but Tiger Reeds!

-M.O., music educator, Rio Grande City, TX

Image by Tarryn Myburgh


Thanks for sending me a message. I'll be in touch soon.

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